September 15, 2017

Home Renovation Trends – Decorative Concrete Floors

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Stained carpet, chipped tile and out-of date linoleum would be the most common flooring choices which are upgraded or removed within the remodeling process. Designers and homeowners are searching for any substitute flooring option that’s sustainable, durable and trendy. Decorative concrete floors are all that with the additional advantage to be cost as good as new tile, carpet and wood.

The very first issue to tackle when altering to decorative concrete floors is removing the present flooring. Following the tile, carpet or linoleum continues to be torn out, the glues and mastics that stuck that old flooring towards the underlying concrete should be removed. This removal happens in 1 of 2 ways robotically by grinding or shot-blasting or chemically with soy or solvent-based mastic removers.

Following the floor continues to be cleaned of glues and mastics, holes and surface irregularities within the concrete are patched. Next a skinny concrete overlayment or micro-topping is used to attain a clear palette to stain and/or dye.

At this time, the personalization from the decorative concrete floor occurs with the development of colors, patterns, stencils and borders. The style of the ground is achieved through the use of acidity stains, water-based dyes and/or solvent-based dyes.

The ultimate part of developing a decorative concrete floor is utilizing a solvent-based or water-based sealer towards the floor to boost natural reliability of concrete.

Decorative concrete floors are an inexpensive and sustainable option to traditional flooring options. Unlike carpet, tile and linoleum, decorative concrete floors provide freedom of design, artistic potential and architectural versatility.

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